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E-License Website: https://www1.on.wildlifelicense.com/start.php

Buy an Ontario Licence

There are new ways to get your Ontario fishing and hunting licences. You can go online and print your own licence, call MNR's interactive phone line or get your licence over the counter at selected ServiceOntario centres or private issuers.  
MNR is having some implementation challenges with the new system. You may experience some temporary delays during the transition period. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Here's what to do

Buying your licence online:

You can now buy your licence from the convenience of your home by clicking on the Start Your Licence Purchase or Outdoors Card Renewal Here button (below).

Print your e-licence and keep it with you when you fish or hunt. It serves as your temporary licence. Your Outdoors Card will arrive in approximately 20 days.

If you cannot print your e-licence, call the Outdoors Card Centre toll-free at 1-800-387-7011 and they will print and mail you a copy. 

Buying your licence over the phone:

Call MNR's interactive phone line toll-free at 1-800-288-1155. Your Outdoors Card will arrive in approximately 20 days. You cannot fish or hunt until your card arrives.

Buying your fishing or hunting licence in person:

As of February 14, 2012, there are 69 ServiceOntario locations in Ontario ready to issue licences right away.

There are also 478 year-round local issuers ready to issue licences right away.

MNR is working to make sure private issuers receive the training they need to assist you with over the counter purchases. New issuers are receiving equipment and being trained every week. Issuers who are having trouble have been given a special number to call to help them serve anglers and hunters better.

To find the closest place for service in-person refer to the List of Issuers. The list will continue to be updated as new issuers are ready to serve you.

When you purchase in person, bring your Outdoors Card – even if expired – and know your postal code. You will also be asked for your birth date. You will immediately receive a temporary licence and/or Outdoors Card printed on durable stock.