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Well known for it's exceptional ice fishing, Lake Simcoe is a favourite for those who enjoy fishing for Lake Trout, Perch and Whitefish. In the heart of Cottage Country, Lake Simcoe is just over an hour commute from the Toronto area.

Raised on the shores of Lake Simcoe in Beaverton, Tim Hales has many years experience on the frozen surface of Lake Simcoe. As the owner/operator of Tim Hales Fish Huts, Tim is dedicated to providing a knowledgeable, personable, and safe ice fishing service.

Once escorted to the grounds of your choice, whether it be Trout & Whitefish or Perch, your fish hut will be prepared with the heat on, and "ready to fish". Landing nets, tip-up stands, minnows and pails are supplied in all our huts.

Our huts accommodate up to 6 people and sleep 2 people at night. They are equipped with padded benches, a propane stove to heat the hut or to cook on, as well as a propane lamp for night fishing adventures. All of our huts also feature a unique hole system which allows you to change from large, rectangular holes to 7” round holes. This system gives you more usable floor space and is much safer for kids. For those that prefer the large holes, it only takes a moment to change.

All our fishing grounds have outhouse facilities. Whether it be a day, night or a week long trip, you’ll be comfortable in our modern, clean huts.

Tim Hales Fish Huts offers plenty of  free parking at our private lakeside location, and a warm comfortable waiting area in our tackle shop.